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LinkECU engine management systems

Link Engine Management is an Aftermarket Motorsport Electronics company that is recognised and respected worldwide with its strong brand presence of Link ECU. The company started in 1991 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Product Timeline

Our very first ECU (engine control unit) built in 1991 was the EMX and it was completely assembled by hand. It came in a blue and grey enclosure and controlled fuel and ignition.

In 1995 we introduced the first Link Engine Management (LEM) and it came in a green and white case and could control fuel, ignition, boost and idle.

In 2001 the LinkPlus was introduced, with eight fuel and eight ignition drives, plus dedicated outputs for boost and idle speed control. In order to configure and tune this ECU, PCLink software was released to enable tuners to control their ECUs via a PC.

The third generation of Link ECUs (G3), based on the ST10 microprocessor, and with a silver and black colour scheme, was then released in April, 2007.

By 2008 the G3 range of ECUs were discontinued which led to the release of the G4 range of ECUs. G4 was sold from 2008 – 2013 and is widely recognised by the metallic red G4 Xtreme enclosure.

An evolution of the G4 range, G4+ ECUs first started being released in mid-2013 and our range has expanded to have both WireIn ECUs and PlugIn ECUs. At this stage we also had a range of PowerSport ECUs that are marketed under the Vi-PEC brand.

After a great run with G4+, late 2019 saw the release of an even better ECU range in G4X. Using an upgraded micro-controller and communications chip, G4X was another great leap forward although we still sell the G4+ Thunder (for example) in parallel due to its exceptional properties.

Our ECUs are automatically assembled in a production facility and vigorously tested to achieve high reliability.

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