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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

May 1. 2018

According to Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Register holder:

Protoparts Oy


Administrator of register:

mr. Tuukka Sairo, CEO, Protoparts Oy

Name of register: Webshop customer account register.

Collected data in register:

All given data, which is given during registration or placing order. Name, address, telephone number, email, possible company name, etc.
All collected and stored data is given by customer himself/herself. Data is used in invoices, receipts, delivery notes and stored safely under restricted access.

Regular data sharing to third parties outside EU/ETA region:

Protoparts.Fi does not give or share systematically data to third parties outside EU or ETA region. All given data inside EU is only for authorities (such as Tax authorities, Customs etc) on legal demand.

Data protection principles: -webshop user/customer register data is stored on server owned, stored and protected by service provider. Service provider has best possible modern methods to protect stored information by programs and also hardware based methods (firewall etc). Access to data is only authorized personnel and by personal password. Operator administrator can access to data, but only when permitted.

Right to check, correct, delete and restrict all personal data collected:

Registered person has full right to get a copy from all data, which register includes from her/him. Request must be made officially in writing, and pointed to register administrator by Email or letter. Administrator then sends requested personal datasheet in reasonable period of time.

Register administrator is responsible to correct, delete and/or complete necessary data if requested.

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