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MegaSquirt III + MS3 Expander, Full kit

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MegaSquirt III + MS3 Expander, Full kit

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Number of cylinders

MAP sensor

4bar MAP, up to 3bars boost

Injector connectors

Choose proper option for injectors:

Cam Sensor

Choose whether you wish to have CAM-sensor (HALL)

Crank sensor

Product description

MegaSquirt III + MS3 Expander, Full kit

Kit includes following products:

  • MegaSquirt III assembled and tested with needed mods + MS3 Expander
  • Wasted spark coil +connector (8cyl *2pc)
  • Ignition module +connector (8cyl *2pc)
  • Trigger wheel 170mm
  • Intake temperature sensor +connector (GM or Bosch type)
  • Coolant temperature sensor +connector
  • Throttle position sensor +connector
  • Crankshaft sensor (Hall) +connector
  • ECU flying leads wiring harness with necessary wires
  • MS3 Expander board flying leads wiring harness with necessary wires

Extras: If needed, Choose below:

- Injector connectors, EV1 or USCAR below.

- MAP Sensor 4bar (2,5bar as standard)

- Cam Sensor, if needed (Wasted spark does not require it, full sequential does)

- You can choose not to take HALL Crank sensor and we will install an adaptive dual channel VR adapter inside the ECU. Then you can use stock VR sensors without problems!

NOTE: To fulfill our customers needs at best, these products are made to order.  So minor delay (about a week) is expected before delivery if we have ms3 in stock! 

Product details


  • 16 x 16 Injection and spark advance maps with interpolation
  • 0,1% Steps in injection map, 0,1° in ignition map
  • Supports several OEM trigger wheels
  • Closed loop idle control
  • Closed loop lambda control
  • Stepper idle valve control
  • CAN-bus for extra I/O, displays etc.
  • Slot for SD-card datalogging (SD card not included)
  • USB connection
  • 8 injection outputs, possibility for full seqential and timed injection
  • 8 logic level ignition outputs.  Needs separate ignition amplifier or coils with build in amplifier
  • 6 outputs.  For boost, nitrous oxide, tacho out or 2-pin idle valve.  Fully programmable PWM outputs or switched outputs.  Lot of possibilities.
  • 3 analog inputs.  For second lambda sensor, fuel pressure or any analog sensor basically 
  • 4 switched inputs.  Map switch, air con control, launch control 
  • 1 cam input.  Necessary for seqential injection and ignition.  Works with VR-, Hall- or optical sensor. 

MegaSquirt III software manual:

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