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CD-7L Logging display

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AEM Electronics

CD-7L Logging display

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Product description

  • Full color CAN display and logger
  • Completely user definable CAN receive
  • Dual CAN bus
  • Full graphics display with up to 6 different pages
  • Unit ships with 6 display pages for the AEMNet data stream as the default setup
  • Completely user definable graphical layouts
  • Stand-alone PC program to create and customize layouts
  • Water resistant enclosure with rear facing DTM 12 pin connector
  • 7" (diag) 800x400 super bright color display
  • Night mode input
  • 7 shift lights and 2 alarm LEDs
  • 200mb onboard logging memory
  • Up to 100hz sample rate
  • Log data downloaded and viewed with AEMdata via USB port with sealed bulkhead extension cable
  • Beacon input

Product details

The CD-7/CD-7L color digital displays feature a super bright, high contrast, sunlight readable display and include an integrated glare diffuser and shade hood so that they are readable in even the brightest daylight conditions. They are designed to accept channels from CAN bus connections and do not include analog inputs. Two CAN bus channels are included so that it can receive and collect data from AEMnet enabled devices such as the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS or EMS-4, and 3rd Party Devices (see Supported Apps Tab), including PDM’s, CAN sensor modules and programmable engine management systems. Third-party systems will require download of 3rd party DBC CAN bus protocol files for proper operation if they are not included in our setup software. We currently have over 150 validated 3rd party applications, and offer a CD-7 Power Cable to simplify the installation of 3rd party devices. We have also developed 3rd Party Plug & Play Adapter Cables for certain applications.

Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housing for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range, and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed color LEDs. Two large buttons are included on the face of the display, allowing easy page changing and memory resetting even with driving gloves on. These button functions are also duplicated on the rear connector allowing the user to mount remote buttons on the steering wheel if desired. Two additional programmable LEDs are located above the toggle buttons on the sides of the housing.

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