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MicroSquirt V3 ECU


MicroSquirt V3 ECU

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Product description

Handy and versatile small Engine management unit.  Usable as Engine management, Transmission controller or I/O Expander

NOTE! Does NOT include wiring harness or connector! You can choose MAP sensor and connector option from additional products.

We have also B&G Flying leads harness, please look compatible products.

Product details

MicroSquirt as Engine management

Based on MegaSquirt II, with same features

  • 16x16 Fuel- and ignition maps with interpolation
  • Can handle multiple original trigger wheels
  • Idle Control
  • Possible to tune with combined TPS and MAP, good for engines with difficult MAP behaviour.
  • Flex Fuel
  • Nitrous oxide control
  • Map switch
  • Possibility to use two injection banks, for example different size injectors that start to work with boost rise
  • Ignition cutout during shift
  • Launch control

MicroSquirt as Transmission controller

Works at least with following transmissions

  • GM 4T40E
  • GM 4L60E
  • GM 4L80E
  • GM 5L40E (dev)
  • A341E
  • 41TE (dev)
  • Ford 4R70W
  • Ford E4OD (dev)
  • Subaru W4A33

Can be used as standalone, or with connection to MegaSquirt via CAN.

MicroSquirt as Input/Output Expander

With MicroSquirt IObox firmware MicroSquirt can be used as I/O Expander

  • 7 Analog inputs (0-5V)
  • 2 Speed inputs (VR or Hall)
  • 2 Speed inputs from Hall or ground switch inputs
  • 1 Switch input
  • 2 high current PWM or grounding outputs
  • 4 mid current PWM or grounding outputs
  • 1 small current PWM or 0-12V output

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