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Smart OM660

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Smart OM660

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Product description

This kit for the Smart Turbo Diesel 3 cylinder engine utilizes all of the standard engine sensors and actuators; only the ECU plugs are changed. Using our ECU kit allows you to remove the catalytic converter and DPF which gains a significant size reduction for the engine. Utilising the Smart OM660 engine management kit gives the small package and efficiency of the OM660 in whatever vehicle you wish to put it in!

Product details

The package comprises the new Delta 400 ECU, Delta Solenoid IDM and our USB-CAN ECU Interface. The ECU is pre-mapped for the standard engine, modified engines will require remapping to optimise the power gain from those modifications. This unit is a fully programmable Engine management system.
Our kit has been developed for use on engines sourced from W451 models from '07-'13. Please contact us for further information on the earlier W450 engine.

The wiring loom is provided on an exchange basis only, a useable engine loom must be provided. Lead time on this product is typically 3-4 weeks.

The wiring loom is provided on an exchange basis, a useable standard engine loom must be provided. We can supply a brand new loom if required, and we will need to know the age and model of the vehicle your engine came from. Lead time on this product is typically 2-3weeks. 

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