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"VAG COP" Driver 8-channel, without casing

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Megasquirt VAG COP driver

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Product description

Some coils with internal ignitor demands voltage very near to 5V.  For example Volkswagen and Audi coils with low primary resistance are like this.  Megasquirt may be a bit low to that 5V target, so coils might not work or will work unreliably.

Here is solution to those problems.  Small box that is easy to connect.  Just inputs, outputs, ground and +5V

Can also be configured in wasted COP, so two cylinders will fire at once.

Plain PCB, to be used inside ECU.  Fits with MS2, With MS3 and expander there is no room.

Product details


  • Pin 1, GND, Connect to Megasquirt GND
  • Pin 6, input 8
  • Pin 7, input 7
  • Pin 8, input 6
  • Pin 9, input 5
  • Pin 10, input 4
  • Pin 11, input 3
  • Pin 12, input 2 
  • Pin 13, input 1
  • Pin 14, 5V, connect to  Megasquirtin 5V output
  • Pin 18, output 8
  • Pin 19, output 7
  • Pin 20, output 6
  • Pin 21, output 5
  • Pin 22, output 4
  • Pin 23, output 3
  • Pin 24, output 2
  • Pin 25, output 1

If used in wasted COP configuration, use only inputs 1, 3, 5 and 7

If higher output voltage is needed, Pin 25 can be connected also to +12V, when output is also +12V

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