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Trailander Reverse handbrake

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Trailander Reverse handbrake

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Product description

Hydraulic handbrake with reverse orientation.  Meaning that brake cylinder is aimed to the front of the car, and it will fit nicely under the dashboard where is more room than between seats

JRJ Garages Motorsport and Jiri Haapala have been testing the prototype from season 2022, and it has been working flawlesly

Product details

Brake cylinder can be choosed from different sizes.   0,625 is the smallest one, and with that the lever moves longest distance and force required is smallest. 0,750 is the biggest one available and with that lever moves shortest distance and force required is biggest.  Choosing the right cylinder affects to the feeling of the handbrake a lot.

Brake cylinder with reservoir is good choice for cars with secondary brake calibers for handbrake.  It can be installed inside the car, minimizing the amount of brake lines

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