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Athena Fire Ring Head Gasket for BMW V8 4.0L M60

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Athena Fire Ring Head Gasket for BMW V8 4.0L M60

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Product description

  • Application : BMW V8 4.0L M60
  • Made from AISI 301 shape-memory stainless steel and/or M0115
  • Durability against high compression ratios and boost pressures
  • Perfect sealing and tightness
  • Uprated performances, above OEM standards

Product details

Cooper Ring head gaskets are particularly suitable for heavily supercharged and turbocharged applications (more than 2 bars of boost, N2O use, extreme N/A compression ratios...). They are made from a high performance asbestos-free composite, non-organic materials, aramid fibers and elastomer. They benefit from silicone reinforcements in critical areas and special coating for uniform sealing. Theses gaskets come with stainless steel separated rings ("Cooper Rings"), ensuring better tightness between the block and the cylinder head. These products are ready-to-use and do not require block or head grinding.

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