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MS3 V3.0X flying leads

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MS3 V3.0X flying leads

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Connectors include pins and seals

Product description

Base Flying leads harness for V3.0 board for use in conjuction with MS3X board.

Includes all necessary leads for main board (no injector and spark/Fidle leads). Superseal connector for MS3X CAM sensor Vref 12V and signal ground.  Wire length ca 2,5m

RPM sensor is compatible on both, HALL and VR sensors.

Includes only mainboard harness, MS3X harness must be ordered separately!

Standard delivery time within 2-7 days from order

Product details

Fully soldered D37 connector for MegaSquirt and wiring.  All wires marked and ready to cut and connect.  Connectors must be chosen separately.  

VR/Hall-sensor wire is shielded and grounded in ECU end.  Do not ground that on sensor end, it's meant to be free there for noise shielding to work

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